WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform and HKA Tech has been configuring WalkMe solutions for PMWeb clients for around three years now - developing efficient and effective journeys for PMWeb users across key areas of PMWeb functionality; as well as configuring WalkMe for use on a number of other software applications. WalkMe reimagines the online experience to enable technology to proactively engage a person with everything they need to quickly and correctly execute their digital journeys, without them needing to learn beforehand how to do it. This allows organisations to maximize technology investment whilst minimizing their costs.

Analysts recognize the value

2019 - Gartner announced Digital Adoption Solutions as a new market category that is key to driving productivity

2020 - Everest Group named WalkMe the clear market leader in the new market category for Digital Adoption Platforms

2020 - Forbes Total Economic Impact report on WalkMe finds a 368% ROI with <3 months payback period

Forbes 2020 findings included a 60% reduction in training time and 50% savings in IT and Help Desk tickets. For reasons such as this, many clients will purchase WalkMe from their budget for Business Readiness / Organizational Change Management.

Digital Adoption challenges

  • 84% of companies fail at digital transformation (Forbes)
  • 78% of enterprises fail in their digital transformation initiatives (Everest Group)
  • 74% of digital transformations failed to deliver sustained performance improvements (McKinsey & Company)

Delivering value across 4 main categories impacting digital ROI

WalkMe achieves this with 5 key concepts

WalkMe Management Dashboards

With WalkMe’s Management Dashboards, you can gain a consolidated view of data from web and desktop systems across your entire user base and make data-driven decisions to propel your digital transformation initiatives forward.

Read more and see examples of how these Dashboards provide the insights you need

WalkMe's Editor and Mapping the Journey

HKA Tech has implemented WalkMe in PMWeb for major clients including the Colorado Department of Transportation. JP Morgan Chase, Colorado Springs Utilities and the City of Tempe - as well as for one of the world's largest corporations. In each case, WalkMe’s code-free editor was used to proactively guide users to complete business processes across PMWeb, using strategically placed and personalized content delivered at the moment of need.

Users engage with WalkMe content in the form of on-screen guidance, on screen automation, content validation, and so much more. The user experience is simplified by eliminating empty clicks and automating mundane tasks. WalkMe’s ActionBot, a natural language chat interface, can centralize and streamline search, fill in forms and manage convoluted business processes in the one place.